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**PRE-ORDER** Roots / In Support of Apex for Youth

**PRE-ORDER** Roots / In Support of Apex for Youth


This piece is crafted from fine Italian silk and natural dyes. The hand-rolled hem and dye pattern is all performed in Brooklyn, NY in small batches. 100% proceeds donated to Apex for Youth. Available for pre-order in two sizes: 18x18" and 35x35"


The colors in this project are a direct translation of my experiences as an Asian American. They are produced from natural materials that have significance within my personal life and culture. To learn more about these dye materials please visit my Instagram @christinawhitneywong


Hand wash cold. Hang dry.


***For full transparency - A donation of $45 (or $60 for larger scarves) will be placed for each order. The remainder of the price covers material costs. A receipt of donation will be sent to each customer. Please reach out if you would like to add to your donation or have any questions.

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