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Christina Whitney Wong is a fashion designer and textile artist originally from San Francisco, California. Stemming from her upbringing in the Bay Area, much of Christina’s work implements ethically made materials and focuses on creating a sustainable future through pieces made to stand the test of time. Several pieces of her work have utilized natural dyes and regional fibers to serve as materials that tell stories about people’s connection with nature. Cleanliness and simplicity are critical to Christina’s practice and are often manifested in business-ready apparel.

Christina’s thesis collection collaborates with AARP and Open Style Lab, pushing her artistic practice towards the adaptive market. She worked closely with two mentors with spinal cord injuries to create a capsule wardrobe of casual business wear that can be kept throughout any stage of life. Pieces are easily accessible to those in recovery or transition and serve as a tool of confidence for those looking to rejoin the workforce. The collection takes an in-depth look at the ergonomic transition between the seated and standing position and investigates how apparel can be designed for a wide range of situations including wheelchair use, walker use, and assisted walking. Christina’s work embraces the universality of minimalist business wear, serving those who are looking to rejoin the workforce after an injury or at a later stage in life. Focusing on the confidence and security that clothing brings to the human body, her apparel is meant to suit the rapidly changing age and diverse landscape of the global workforce.

All sales on this site contribute towards manufacturing and providing accessible clothing to those who may need it at accessible costs.


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